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Drive It In, Tow It In or We Will Pick It UP!

Open 7 Days a Week

MONDAY - FRIDAy: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

​SATURDAY & SUNDAY: By appointment

Pick up service available after hours.

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NY Facility Operates April 1 to December 30

What happens to your vehicle.


When a automobile has reached the end of its useful life it is purchased as scrap or salvage. When vehicles are sold to auto salvage yards, useable parts are removed and reused on vehicles requiring minor repairs. Other vehicles go directly to the scrap recycling facility where fluids are drained then stripped of valuble nonferrous scrap for recycling and remanufactering. The automobile body is than crushed and stacked on trucks for transport to a automobile shredding facility. Once a vehicle is shredded it generates three streams of material. Ferrous scrap, which is sold to steel mills for melting into new steel products. Nonferrous scrap remaining in the vehicles is sold to secondary smelters for remelting into ingots which are sold to manufacturers. Last "ASR" auto shredder residue, consisting of all the nonmetalics in a vehicle such as glass, plastics and foam from seats. The ASR is currently in the early phase of recycling but most is still deposited in landfills.  

De-Pollution Process


​- Battery Removed

- Freon Removed

- Coolant/Antifreeze Removed

- Engine Oil Removed

- Power Steering Fluid Removed

- Brake Fluid Removed

- Transmission Fluid Removed

- Gasoline Removed

- Washer Fluid Removed

- Air Bags Deployed


- Mercury Switches Removed

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